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Will King or is simple mr.Will (Rus. "Уилл Кинг"; born January 14, 1989)[1] is a macro furry who lives in Burgas, Bulgaria.[2]


Will's fursona is a wolf-hybrid in the fifth generation of interspecies sexual pairings. Specifically, he is 70% wolf, 12% auroch, 9% zebra, 6% squirrel, and 3% wolverine. Will's usual height is 7', though he can vary between 2cm and 1,270 feet tall. His usual weight is 282 lbs.

Will's character lives in the Urals, and his diet consists of wild animals, large fish, people, and furries. Easy-going but very aggressive, he is likely to be a leader, likes to be in the spotlight, and easily makes contacts. He is also high-tempered, open, judges on appearance, and has a choleric, sanguine personality.


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