Wild for Passion

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Wild for Passion is an erotic furry animation project directed by Kabangeh Fitzroy. It was released at Anthrocon 2008.


Wild for Passion is a series of four short stories written by Roland Guiscard, Squeaki Manatee and Kabangeh Fitzroy. All four stories are set at a tropical island resort run by "Cat Named Joe" (played by Psylantwolf). The animation was produced in Anime Studio 5.5, and rendered in a 16x9 widescreen aspect ratio.

Barroom Cheerup[edit]

"Barroom Cheerup" features a coyote bar steward (played by Kabangeh Fitzroy) keeping the company of a female squirrel (played by Destiny Lovemore) on orders of Cat Named Joe, his boss.

Love Thief[edit]

"Love Thief" features a young male chipmunk and a vixen prostitute.

  • Love Thief Trailer (does not contain final music)

Video Resurgence[edit]

"Video Resurgence" features a couple, a monkey female (played by Squeaki Manatee) and a lynx male, who decide to explore making a porn video of themselves.

Passion Picnic[edit]

"Passion Picnic" features a couple of females, a wolf and a feline, engaging in a romantic interlude on the beach.

The original fourth segment was to involve two males, a wolf and a husky, having sex on their room's balcony, a semi-public area. Kabangeh was unable to make it work, but said he will consider it as a side project.

Production and release[edit]

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Production took place through April and May of 2008.

It was released on DVD during Anthrocon 2008, and was initially available for mail delivery. As of 2011, no copies remain of the production.

Wild for Passion is available directly from the artist at his Fur Affinity account