Wild Starter

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Wild Starter
Wild starter act01 cover.png
the cover artwork for Wild Starter comic
Author(s) JoeCWolf aka Fire Starter Wolf
Update schedule N/A
Launch date July 11, 2019
End Date Ongoing
Genre Action/Adventure
Teen (Violence, Suggestion Themes, Languages, Blood)
Censor 14 button.png

Wild Starter is a comic created by JoeCWolf (aka Fire Starter Wolf), about a young wolf boy that is about to take on the task to save the world and his friends from threats that threaten to destroy everything to gain power over all life. Can a kid and his rag tag team handle it?


Long ago in the past, a ancient warrior was inflicted as he enter the temple of his homeland only to unseal the mysterious gems that was known as the Celestial Gems before evil shadow beast breaks in to try to absorb the warrior into his body to complete the true form.

The fighter refused as the beast attacked but it was too late due that the warrior finished unlocking the gems' powers to seal the auras inside the shadow monster's body and the warrior's too as they disappearing into dust while the gems completed their task as they disappear into space in separation. With the last words spoken from the fallen warrior were a warning and reminder to never allow two flames to join together or it'll be doom for the whole universe.


Meet Joe, Joe C. Wolf as he awaken from his sleep due to a nightmare of his past but that won't be the only trouble he's dealing with on his 16th birthday is about to face new problems as he rediscovers his fire starter powers during a brawl against a school bully, now the wolf boy must choose if he wants to save the world or just run away from it.

Join Joe and his friends on a adventure of courage, battles, and possible death as they face new threats, enemies, and challenges to save the world and unlock what each and everyone who is truly is. But in the end, only one is.. the Wild Starter..


Joe, the young teen wolf had woken up from a nightmare of the loss of his mother ending with a stranger trying to take him away. As he sweats with nervousness he felt at fault of what had happened long time ago till his doll dragon friend checked up on him.

With many problems the young boy can handle will be start of his adventure and mission to solve, even with his powers reacted to his brawl with a high school bully named Billy in ending the fight on good note, Joe must figure out his true path and help his guardian Jinn before things get out of hand.


Joe C. Wolf, An happy, go lucky, kindred wolf kid with not much concerns on his future and goals. He's a simple fire starter with a hot level to take on challenges and foes, but he will go far to defend his friends and dear ones from any threats no matter what. It is rumored that he could be the master starter that many people are seeking.

Jinn, This dragon doll isn't a doll but a cursed doll. Jinn's one of the elder guardian dragons that was tasked to find his brother and return him back to the shrine til he was turned into a doll by a shadow witch. Jinn always protected Joe since he was revived by the pup, his feelings towards the boy grew over the years, the dragon is kind, conscientiousness, protective especially for Joe. Jinn gets jealous of others being close to wolf.