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Wild Spirits MUSH was a role-playing MUSH with the theme of North American wildlife; no human characters were allowed. It was inspired by the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, although not based on it, and did not include feature characters. Mary Stanton's novels The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West and Piper at the Gate were also an influence. The MUSH closed in the fall of 2004 due to a lack of active players.


  • Eagle - Spirit (assistant wiz and admin)
  • Puma - Spirit (chief wiz and admin)
  • Wolf - Spirit (assistant wiz appointed late in the MUSH timeframe)


Category:Wild Spirits MUSH characters

  • Arathi - Female Puma (Resident in Shadow Lands, later Reaper's mate)
  • Black Star - Stallion (Herd leader in Seminole Mesa)
  • Boulderhead - Bighorn Sheep
  • Brongaar - Stallion (Second herd leader in Blazing Grasses)
  • Cala - Female Bobcat
  • Charlie - Male Cottontail (Would-be shaman)
  • Chelsea - Female Cacomistle (Chief healer, Shadow Lands)
  • Cherokee - Mare (Second in Altivo's herd)
  • Core - Male Wolf (Pack alpha in Hawk Canyon)
  • Crypt - stallion
  • Dark - Female Puma
  • Darksun - Colt
  • Dasia - Filly
  • Demoness - Mare (IceHeart's herd, later Calydor's herd)
  • Domino - Stallion (Herd leader in Fireweed Plains)
  • Flame - Stallion
  • Fyrathe - Female Wolf (Lone wolf adopted by Shadow Lands)
  • Ghlu - Stallion
  • Grim - Male Puma (Killed and returned as a ghost)
  • Hopi - Mare (Daughter of Calydor)
  • Hurricane - Island Pony
  • IceHeart - White Stallion (Herd leader in Diablo Canyon)
  • Independence - Bald Eagle
  • Kavik - Male Wolf (Hawk Canyon)
  • Kindred - Mare (Lead mare in IceHeart's herd)
  • Kivuli - Male Wolf
  • Laithran - Stallion (Brother to Black Star, later in Altivo's herd)
  • Lightning - Male Bighorn sheep
  • Littlesuzie - Mare (Black Star's herd, later in Calydor's herd)
  • Lysandra - Mare (Dreamspeaker, Altivo's herd)
  • Mestaa'e - Female Puma
  • Moonleg - Mare (Lead mare and healer, Altivo's herd)
  • Nascha - Female Puma (Borntobewild's mate)
  • Panchito - Male Burro
  • Patches - Mare (Apprentice healer, Laithran's mate)
  • Perihelion - Stallion
  • Phantom - Stallion (Altivo's adopted son)
  • Reaper - Male Puma
  • RunningWind - Female Wolf (Alpha female of Hawk Canyon)
  • Sage - Red Tail Hawk
  • Seranna - Mare (Tornado's herd, later Black Star's herd)
  • Soranasha - Rattlesnake (Resident of Diablo Canyon)
  • Splash - Otter
  • StormCaller - Male Wolf (Alpha of Midnight Sun pack)
  • SunHawk - Stallion (Original herd leader in Hawk Canyon)
  • Tehawa - Mare (Dreamspeaker, Wild Sisters mare herd)
  • Titan - Stallion
  • Tonka - Bear (Independent healer)
  • Vagabond - Male Puma
  • Vifir - stallion
  • Visions - Male Wolf (Young member of Hawk Canyon pack)
  • Wasabi - Female Puma (Non-aggressive, fish-eating)
  • Widow - Mare (Black Star's herd)
  • Windigo - White Stallion (Son of IceHeart)
  • WindRacer - Stallion (First herd leader in Blazing Grasses)
  • Wink - Owl

Areas and groups[edit]

  • Blazing Grasses
WindRacer was the first herd leader, Brongaar the second. WyndRunner was the lead mare.
  • Diablo Canyon
A land of evil magic, with a herd led by IceHeart.
  • Fireweed Plains
Domino was the herd leader.
  • Hawk Canyon
Wolf pack led by RunningWind (alpha female) and Kavik (alpha male).
  • Midnight Sun
Wolf pack led by StormCaller. The pack second was Klondike, a male Occidentalis Wolf[1]
  • Seminole Mesa
Sitting Buck, a male Ocelot, was the first area leader, ManySpots, a female Ocelot, the second area leader.
  • Shadow Lands
The Wild Sisters herd co-resided in the Shadow Lands simultaneously with Heart Seer's herd, but was decidedly independent and distinct. A new Shadow Lands herd, led by Altivo and Moonleg, took over these lands after both Heart Seer and the Wild Sisters herds abandoned them.
  • Tornado Lands
Tornado was the first herd leader, Calydor the second.
  • Wild Sisters
An all-mare herd led first by Tempest, then by Ironhoof, that co-resided in the Shadow Lands with Heart Seer's herd.


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