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Wild Nights 2012 was the fourth annual Wild Nights convention, and took place over April 26-30 at Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma. The original theme was to be "Furry Fallout", which was changed to "My Little Wild Nights: Furry is Magic".[1]

Guests of Honor for 2012[edit]

The Guest of Honors for Wild Nights 2012 were:


Wild Nights featured 6 to 8 meals and lodging included with pre-registration, free tent space, workshops, hiking up to Robber's Cave, and other outdoor activities. Wild Nights 2012 featured, for the first time in the fandom, Rhubarb the Bear's Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer (a musical play).

Wild Nights also featured screenings of SonicBlu's independent puppet films Paw, Paw II, and the Zombie Junkyard Productions short film Wormwood. The con also featured a firearms marksmanship event, a variety show, and campfire.



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