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Cover of WILD!.

WILD! was an adults-only furry anthology published by MU Press and edited by Edd Vick from 2003-2005 directly following the cancellation of Wild Kingdom. It lasted fifteen issues, featuring work by Kjartan Arnorsson, JW Kennedy, MJ Stryfe, William Levy, Taral Wayne, Steven Martin, Paul Kidd, Steve Crompton, and others.

WILD!'s cancellation was brought about by increasingly stringent minimum sales requirements at Diamond Comic Distributors. Characters from WILD! that are likely to be published elsewhere are Edd Vick and MJ Stryfe's Bonnie Bright, Kjartan Arnorsson's Dee & Teeka, and Chris Lightfoot's Doctor Minkenstein.

MU Press also published a reprint anthology called Gone Wild, containing stories from out-of-print issues of Wild Kingdom.

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