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March 8, 2009

WikiFur reached for an Asian continental audience for the first time with the launching of the Chinese WikiFur this Friday. It is the eleventh language-specific sister project of WikiFur, and the first to be launched in a language outside of the Indo-European languages family, the most widespread language family on the planet.

The wiki is written in Vernacular Chinese, the government-preferred, Mandarin-oriented writing system promoted in the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China (better known as Taiwan), Singapore, and the PRC's administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.[1] Its founders are dbfox, omegaCyberDragon and Kakurady.

The site forms the second attempt to set up a Chinese-language furry wiki; Wolves' Paradise's wiki was set up in August 2007, but was not maintained and is not currently active.[1]

The first article is about クロノア (Klonoa), an anthropomorphic video game character.


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