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Welcome to the WikiFur WikiProject on Conventions. This is a project that is meant to create, organize, and improve articles about conventions on WikiFur.


This Wikiproject's focus is set on improving articles about furry conventions. This includes major conventions, such as Anthrocon and Further Confusion, but also the myriad of smaller conventions across the world.

Our focus is also to create various templates and userboxes, for use in articles on conventions and on userpages, along with the creation of categories to better organize different groups of conventions.

Any available free media, such as images and video, along with possible sound files, are to be found and included in the relevant articles.

We are still working on the creation of a Convention Portal sometime in the near future.


To join this WikiProject, simply submit your name under the following header, using {{User2|Username}}. Membership is open to registered editors.