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WikiFur Digest is a (so-far theoretical) periodical with the side-purpose of promoting WikiFur and furry in general. Discussion is welcome!


Probably most people reading this will at least be aware of Reader's Digest. While not everyone agrees with its message, it's impossible to deny its success.

Reader's Digest works by condensing articles (some of which it writes itself). I believe something similar could work for us - we have plenty of writers in the furry community writing articles about topics relating to it. If not this, then some kind of semi-regular publication that has long, wide-ranging articles covering several topics would certainly be worthwhile.

The critical thing is that, now we have a huge database of furry facts, we could liberally sprinkle links into the articles. This will encourage both readership and improvement of these articles.

We could also do something like From the Creatures Wiki, which effectively gave a list of the highlights in a conversational fashion. We can probably aim a little higher than that, though this might be appropriate for one of the sections of it.

Possible contents[edit]

  • News/general wiki stuff (WikiFur Update?)
  • Topical
  • Historical (From the Archives?)
  • Opinion
  • Humour (A Lighter Shade of Fur?)
  • Comment on previous articles and WikiFur (Bite-Back? - first one could be an FAQ of wikis and summary of previous criticisms)