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WikiFur needs you, even if it's only for a few minutes a day. Without contributions from people like you we would have no great articles, no interesting tidbits, and no recent changes - and that would be a shame.

So why would you want to help out? Well, here's a few reasons:

  • You can help build something that's bigger than any individual person, site or country
  • You can let others know about your interests, and perhaps get them interested, too
  • You can watch articles being built right in front of your eyes
  • You can finally fix other people's spelling - and get thanks for it!
  • You can make new pages in a matter of seconds - no waiting for approval!
  • You can work with others to get the facts straight over contentious issues
  • You can help defend the site against the vandals who would deface it
  • You can see people take your words in directions you never imagined
  • You can help decide the policies that govern all of the above

And the best reason of all? It's a lot of fun! So why not log in and see for yourself?

  • You can change most pages on this website - just click edit
  • Don't worry about messing anything up - it's simple to change things back if something goes wrong
  • If you want to experiment, try the Sandbox
  • You can also make new pages; see the help to find out how
  • Be bold, as anything you do can be reverted if necessary! If you want to experiment, try the Sandbox

Busy? Add us to your favorites (Ctrl+D), or search box - but be sure to come back soon!