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"Normal? Who'd wanna be? It's not for us. You can heckle us all you like from the Boring Bus..."

The Furry Song is a song by Kurrel the Raven about the furry community. Its lyrics are rapped in a jovial Australian voice over the top of an original reggae-inspired breakbeat-driven backing track.

The song has been taken by some as a statement to attempt to eliminate stereotypes of furry fans and artists, although the original intent was just to write a song about furries to serve as a general introduction to the community, with a bit of angst at the end.

There are two different release versions of The Furry Song; they share more or less the same backing track and the third verse is only slightly different from version to version.

The first version from August 2001, the Kwooky Womble or Boo! version (also known as I'm Furry), arguably has the better groove but is let down by its final verse. At that point the song descends into lyrics about how terribly furries are mistreated by the media and everyone else in the world without offering any hope on what to do about it. The lyrical performance is also not the best. Kurrel deemed this version simply not good enough to be known for, and the song was promptly withdrawn from download pending a rewrite.

The second version from April 2004, the Kurrel the Raven or Hi! version, has a better fourth verse and far more animated delivery albeit with a slightly weaker groove. The song goes far more into the diversity of the furry community and goes very much on the attack in the final verse. Despite the marked improvement over the Boo! version, Kurrel again deemed the song unworthy to be offered for download due to its "myriad shortcomings" and was withdrawn once again from release. (more...)