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Templates (also known as boiler-plate text or tags) are common messages that can be used on a wiki to help notify readers of something important, or help group together articles in to predefined categories, or generally help to clean up and organise the wiki. We have a number of templates; some, such as Spoiler, you might have seen before on other wikis. Others are customised or changed to reflect this wiki's content.

How to use

To use a template, simply type its name inside double curly brackets like this: {{template}}

Some templates feature spaces where you can insert text. To use those, simply place a pipe between each field. So for example, if you typed:

{{BlockedUser|for 300 years|eating the entire wiki's supply of jelly babies}}

You would get:

Banned This user has been banned from editing Wikifur for 300 years by ruling of the administrators.
This is because of eating the entire wiki's supply of jelly babies.

Note that if a template specifies a category for the page, then the page will be added to the specified category. If you were to use the above template on another page that page would be added to the Banned Users category.

Full list of Templates

Here is a complete list of templates used on the site. Note the All Templates page is quite large and is not recommended for older computers or slow connections.


  • Disambiguation
  • Spoiler
  • Wrong Title
  • Wikipedia Quotation
  • Current On-going Event
  • In Use
  • Contributor
  • To Do


  • Image for Deletion
  • Speedy Deletion

Image page

  • Website Button
  • Book, comic, CD, DVD, or game cover
  • Logo
  • Screenshots
  • Second Life screenshots
  • Press Pack
  • Public Domain Image
  • GNU Free Documentation Licence Image
  • Limited license

User Page

  • User Page Notice
  • Inactive User
  • Contributor User Page
  • Don't Vandalize
  • Don't Vandalize 2
  • Blocked User
  • Assorted userboxes


  • General Cleanup
  • Sounds like an Advert
  • Lacking Context
  • (Image) No license
  • Wikify
  • Copyediting Needed
  • References needed
  • Limited geographic scope


  • Vandal Protection
  • Dispute Protection
  • Listed on the WikiFur Central page
  • System Pages


  • Neutral Point Of View
  • Dubious Statement
  • Disputed Content
  • Controversial
  • Inappropriate

Related content

  • Anatomy
  • Image boards
  • Podcasts
  • Radio
  • Blue Forest
  • Maranatha

Split and Merge

  • Article needs Splitting
  • Article needs Merging


  • General stub
  • Section stub
  • Character stub
  • Comic stub
  • Convention stub
  • Fiction stub
  • Internet stub
  • Media coverage stub
  • Movie stub
  • Multiplayer world stub
  • Person stub
  • Species stub



  • Not Yet Rated
  • Rated G
  • Rated PG
  • Rating 14
  • Rated MA
  • Rated NC17

All Templates

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