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A spoken article is any article on WikiFur that has been read out in the most legible and audible manner by a volunteer orator to a digital audio format, preferably an Ogg Vorbis file, that can be heard, distributed and mercilessly edited under a free and open media license such as the Creative Commons Attribution License. This type of article makes it easier for the blind and visually impaired to access the content of articles posted to the WikiFur websites (including all language-based projects which are affiliated with the WikiFur project), and also allows for the syndication of freely-licensed audio media to other websites which specialize in the periodic distribution of audio "podcasts" from our own RSS and Atom web feeds.

If you want to volunteer in the recording of an audio reading of an article on WikiFur, please feel free to do so and submit your work via "File Upload". Once it is uploaded, please append the "Spoken article entry" template to the file summary page, and then append the "Spoken box" template to the bottom of the original article of which you made an audio rendition. Both templates should link to the pertinent pages for the purpose of clarity.

Finally, since the content of the articles are published under the GNU Free Documentation License, it is expressly mandated that an audio rendition should also be licensed under a free, open media license. We therefore recommend that any spoken article using an audio rendition of large portions of WikiFur-derived text content be published under the most recent versions of either the GFDL, Creative Commons Attribution License or the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. We prohibit the uploading of WikiFur-derived spoken article files which restrict the ability of other users from the modification, redistribution and/or commercialization of the files.