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News post[edit]

Short, to the point - think "press release"

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WikiFur Digest[edit]

Longer, rambling, link-heavy

From my experience on the Creatures Wiki, I thought it might take us half a year to get to a reasonable size. Instead it's been just three months, and we already have over 2000 articles!

The most praise must go to our administrators. These fine men and women are chosen on the basis of their contributions; typically, each administrator has several hundred edits to their name. Many also happen to be prominent members of our community, including the chariman of Megaplex and Anthrocon's director of operations - while this doesn't give them any special privilege, it can be nice to get the inside story from the people who were in the hot-seat at the time!


  • Over 350,000 words
  • Over 10 new articles a day
  • 450 images
  • 12,000 internal links
  • Database size > 2.5Mb
  • 150 contributors have made over 5 edits, 30 over 100 edits
  • Over 350,000 page views and 23,000 edits

Topics to consider covering/linking[edit]

Unsorted, incomplete, but feel free to add stuff here!