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This page is a proposed WikiFur policy, guideline, or process. The proposal may still be in development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption. References or links to this page should not describe it as "policy".

As with Wikipedia's Notability policy, a similar (but smaller) amount of notability should be required of certain types of articles, particularly those of original creations. This is already employed to some degree with original terms and other creations, such as determining whether words such as Furjectivist are in legitimate use by the fandom or a forced, unnotable term.

There have been some issues and arguments in the past over whether or not a fictional world or species should remain in its own article, be moved to userspace, be merged, or deleted outright. If the world or species is not in use by persons other than the creator, or not well-known enough by the fandom as a whole to be considered notable (for example, a popular character being a less-used hybrid species might be sufficient notability), it should not be allowed as a stand-alone article, and should be merged into a larger article or into the creator's user space. If neither of these is appropriate, the article should be deleted. For example, the widely-used fictional species Folf (fox-wolf hybrid) is a notable subject, while the less notable bat-otter hybrid species known as Kawa (now removed) would not be appropriate for a stand-alone article.

Person articles are mostly exempt from this notability requirement, particularly self-created vanity articles, but some notability should be required of non-self-created articles. If nothing can be said about a person other than "X is an artist" or "Y is a dragon", then the article should not be created.