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This page is an official policy on WikiFur. This policy serves as a place to record previous consensus actions, and should be followed except when consensus dictates otherwise. Significant changes to this policy should first be proposed on the discussion page.

If you are uploading an image to WikiFur, you must have the permission of the person who owns the copyright on the image - usually the artist - or you must have a specific reason to believe you can upload it legally without their permission.

If you made the image, then unless you made it based on someone else's work you can upload it. Other cases can be tricky - if (for example) you upload an image of a trademarked character, then be aware that it is liable to be taken down, especially if anyone complains about it. :-)

If you are uploading a logo or button, then as long as you use it in a reasonable manner to depict its intended subject, it will be fine under fair use. Screenshots of programs or websites are typically viewed in the same light when used to demonstrate or inform.

If someone has released their work under a license such as the GFDL, a Creative Commons license, or has released their work into the public domain, then you can upload it under the terms of that license. Attribution can and should be given on the image description.

Images which do not have sufficient licensing or source information may be deleted.

See WikiFur:Templates/Image licensing for a list of licensing templates.

Please remember that WikiFur is not an image hosting site, and keep use of images to a minimum. You may always link to external galleries to display images.