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Note: The Furpile page is no longer updated now that the auto-updating Furpile template is displayed in rotation on WikiFur Furry Central.

WikiFur's furpile is was a great way to get the attention of editors to a page that you think needs it, whether that page is currently good in most areas but needs improving, is little more than a stub, or doesn't even exist yet! Each item in the furpile is posted on the front page on the specified day.

Adding to the furpile[edit]

To add a page to the furpile, simply click one of the red links below and insert the link to the article(s) that you wish to see improved (or perhaps created), in the format that you want it to be shown (usually bold). There is no limit on the number of pages you can list, and you can list any particular page up to once a week if you feel it still needs improving - please don't list an article that's already scheduled to be shown, though!

You can also list categories or WikiFur pages if you feel they need improvement. What will you add to the furpile?

Note: If you wish to add a page yourself, just put the name into the search box, click Go, and then click the red link.

Furpile entries[edit]

The list of articles that appeared on the Furpile from its inception on 3 Jan 2006 through the end of June 2006 may be seen at the Furpile Archive.

July 2006[edit]