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Nomination procedure[edit]

Step 1 - Evaluate[edit]

The submissions will be evaluated using the criteria listed on WikiFur:What is a featured picture?. It is asked that you, the submitter, read the criteria before posting to help cut down on the number of candidates that have a low chance of making it. If you are unsure if your picture will fulfill the criteria, you can add it to WikiFur:Picture peer review for review. If you feel the submitting process is complicated, you can add it with the following syntax: [[Image:YourImageName.jpg|thumbnail|200px]] to the peer review page (but please do not use this syntax on the Featured Pictures candidate page itself!).

Step 2 - Create subpage[edit]

Create a page to place the article on, this page needs to be a subpage of WikiFur:Featured picture candidates. A subpage is created by adding a / after the main page's name. An example: WikiFur:Featured picture candidates/ExampleName . To create your own subpage click on the link, replace ExampleName in the bar with your page name. Once on the page click 'Start the ... page' to create your own page

Step 3 - Fill in subpage[edit]

Add the following text to the subpage editing area, replace 'ExampleName' with your items. However, do not change this portion of text at all: {{subst:PAGENAME}}


[[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|Caption goes here]]

Add your reasons for nominating it here; 
say what article it appears in, and who created the image.

*Nominate and '''support'''. - ~~~~ 

<!-- additional votes go above this line  -->


Step 4 - Add to FPC[edit]

Use templating to add your page to the top of the current nominations section on WikiFur:Featured picture candidates. This is easily done using curly braces like so:
{{WikiFur:Featured picture candidates/ExampleName}}  

Step 5 - Update image[edit]

On the nominated image's page use the 'Edit page' button to add the fpc template like so:

Featured image candidate star
This image is a current featured picture candidate. A featured picture should exemplify WikiFur's very best work, and is therefore expected to meet several criteria. Please feel free to leave comments on WikiFur:Featured picture candidates.

. This inserts the featured pictures candidate template, to let the original contributor and other interested parties know that the image is up for voting.

Too complicated?[edit]

If you are unable to follow the above procuedure add your image to WikiFur:Picture peer review with the following syntax: [[Image:YourImageName.jpg|thumbnail|200px]], and mention that you would like to submit it, but that you don't know how. If someone else likes it they will add it to WikiFur:Featured picture candidates. Again, please do not add images directly to FPC using this syntax.