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These are featured articles - we believe they represent the best of WikiFur to date. You can read about what makes a featured article at Wikipedia - it's much the same here! Interesting new articles that aren't quite ready for this page are often featured in the Did you know? section instead. Comics are typically featured as Comic of the Week.

One of the best things you can do at WikiFur is working to make a featured article, either by writing it on your own or (preferably) working with others to create the perfect mix of prose, artwork and information. The decision to feature an article is made almost entirely on the quality of the article - the topic can be almost anything, as you can see below! - so don't worry that you're wasting your time on something nobody will be interested in.

To nominate an article for featuring, follow the instructions on the featured article candidates page. Please click here if this week's featured article doesn't seem to be showing up on the front page.

Complete archive of front-page entries for featured articles edit (may take time to load, but it's worth the wait)


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