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WikiFur is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit website, created and edited by and for by members of the furry fandom and related communities.

The greatest donation you can give is your time in editing articles, creating and uploading illustrations, and the like. Many do, and we thank them!

If you want to help support WikiFur, but cannot spare the time, then money is a great alternative. We will use it to cover hosting costs, and to support WikiFur and its community in other ways.

You can see how we've used money in the past, and who donated it. We spend an average of $50 a month, though it can be a lot more or less in any given month.

Don't let our norns go hungry!

What WikiFur can do with your donation

If you donate $10 to WikiFur, we can use it to pay for:

Of course, the more you donate, the more we can do!

What you get for donating

  • The right to say that you have financially supported WikiFur
  • A template to demonstrate the above on the page about you
  • Our personal thanks, and listing on the WikiFur supporters page
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling

What you do not get for donating

  • Increased editing privileges
  • The right to say what we do with the money you donate (you can say what you think would or would not be a good idea, but the final decision is up to the admins)
  • Any form of guaranteed tangible return (though if you see GreenReaper at a con, ask him if he has any contributor cards to hand!)
    • This may change in the future, particularly for higher sponsorship levels. If it does, benefits will apply retroactively - you will not be penalized for donating "too early".

Tax status of donations

WikiFur is not a registered charity, and so donations to WikiFur are not tax-deductible. Indeed, they may be taxed again as income (and are subject to transaction costs), so if you can think of a better way to use the money to benefit WikiFur, you are encouraged to spend it yourself. Let us know what you're doing!


You can donate as much or as little as you want to WikiFur, in a variety of methods.

Levels of support

Donors are listed by the level of their support. The exact donation is noted on the ledger.

  • WikiFur Supporter: Recommended donation - $10 (actual level $5 to $19.99)
  • WikiFur Sponsor: Recommended donation - $25 (actual level $20 to $49.99)
  • WikiFur SuperSponsor: $50 to $99.99
  • WikiFur Patron: $100 and up

If you donate multiple times (or subscribe), your contributions will be added - so, if you sent $25 twice, you would become a SuperSponsor.

Donation options

As of late 2008, WikiFur is moving to hosting maintained by French WikiFur administrator Timduru. If you wish to help keep us online, you should donate directly to him. Alternatively, you can support WikiFur's other expenses.

You can give a lump sum (recommended - expenses are less), or make a subscription. Whichever option you choose, please indicate the name you wish to be used to credit your donation in the optional note field on the second page.

Hosting costs

This money goes directly to our host. Please forward a copy of your emailed receipt (along with your fan name) to so that your donation may be recorded on our ledger and supporters pages.

Donate via PayPal
Donate via Credit/Debit card
Support WikiFur's hosting costs (PayPal, bank account or debit/credit card)

US Dollar - Canadian Dollar - Pound Sterling - Euro - Australian Dollar - Yen

Monthly subscription (PayPal, bank account or card)

5 of: US Dollar - Canadian Dollar - Pound Sterling - Euro - Australian Dollar - Yen

10 of: US Dollar - Canadian Dollar - Pound Sterling - Euro - Australian Dollar - Yen

Other expenses

You can use a U.S. bank account, a PayPal account, a credit or debit card, or mail a check or money order to support WikiFur's other expenses. Please click the appropriate link for your payment method, and mention your fan name in the comments.

Donate via Dwolla
U.S. bank account via Dwolla (lowest fees, best for us)

U.S. Dollar (any amount) or subscribe: $5 a month - $10 a month - $25 a month

Things to put as payment notes

  • By default, we will record the donation under your fan name (or your real name if that is not available to us). If you do not wish to be named, or wish to specify your name so we get it right, let us know.
  • We will link your name to the page about you on WikiFur, if there is one. Failing that, we will link to your user page, or a website belonging to you if we can find one. If you do not have a good page on WikiFur and you wish the link to go to a particular website, say so.
  • Your donation may be classified by level (e.g. "up to $19.99", "over $200") or we may list directly the amount that you donated. If you do not wish us to display the amount of your donation, please note this when donating (though be aware that we must record an accurate figure in the donation ledger - we will avoid mentioning your name in that case).

If you forget to do any of this, or wish to make changes, drop GreenReaper an email.


Donations are not tax-deductible, are non-refundable, and are used at the admins' discretion. We think we're competent, but you should determine that for yourself before you donate. And thank you! :-)

Other ways to support WikiFur

Not everyone has money to spare, or wishes to show their support by donating. There are plenty of other ways in which to support the site and its community, and many are better than money. Other than the obvious (editing articles!), you could:

  • Promote WikiFur by linking to it on sites that you control (see WikiFur:About for buttons)
  • Add a link to your forum signature
  • Let your friends on LiveJournal know about articles that you find interesting, or tell them about it in real life, perhaps using a flyer
  • Submit the site to web directories or add it to relevant link lists

There are plenty of other ways to get the word out. Be creative!

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