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This is not the same person as the similarly-named artist Forgewielder

Cockiestspaniel, formerly Wielder, and Shadowraine (real name Robin Powell; born August 7),[1] is a female anthropomorphic artist who lives in Warner Robins, Georgia, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Wielder has been active in the furry fandom for a number of years, but has not attended a convention since Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010.

Her original DeviantArt name, which she still uses to this day, is Shadowraine. This is not an actual character of hers but is a combination of one of her characters' first names and her mate's (Janus Raine) last name.


Wielder's main fursona is an English Cocker Spaniel mix named Pidge, while her previous fursona is a gray, white, and brown Eastern timber wolf named She-Who-Wields-The-Wind, but better known simply as Wielder. Her other character is a Cocker Spaniel mix named Pidge. She also has an alternative blue and white-furred wolf character named Okari who exists in a feudal Japanese setting.


From time to time, Wielder takes on a small number of trades or commissions but is not as prolific as many of the better-known furry artists. Her pieces use mainly traditional media (colored pencil, marker, watercolor, etc.), and her style ranges from extremely cartoon-like to semi-realism. She also creates Star Wars artwork, being a big fan of the series.


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