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WhyteWolf, born September 21st 1976, is a furry from Las Vegas, Nevada. she is a gray wolf.

WhyteWolf is an animal spirit and believes that is what defines her as a furry. She lives with another furry and a few non-furries who.

When it comes to computers she prefers Gentoo Linux and other open source software, as well as UNIX based operating systems. and owns several computers running different operating systems. She currently helps run a out of pocket server for a friend of hers, maintaining updates, and keeping the database in check. Working with computers is the only time she feels alive. she is currently an Unix server administrator for a large print media enterprise. but in the past has also been a full time PHP Developer, a web designer, am SEO specialist, a DBA, and a tech support specialist. she has been working with computers since.


In Oct 2006 she moved back to Las Vegas, and soon after words with the goading of a friend of hers joined the Vegas Furs community. and since has taken on a technological side of things. her Previous experience in databases and Linux computers, as well as PHP and programing made her the perfect candidate to work on the structure of the site. when Xanaphia stepped down as the full admin of the site temporarily. she went back into a hole for a bit and just maintained the site at minimal capacity.

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