Why Mickey Mouse Wears Pants

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Why Mickey Mouse Wears Pants is the title of an article on furry fandom which appeared in the November 7, 2002 edition of TheVARSITY.ca, the student newspaper of the University of Toronto. It was written by Katie Raynes-Goldie.


The sexual angle of furry fandom is evident in this article, with MTV, Vanity Fair, plushophilia, fursuit sex, and furotica all mentioned in the opening paragraph. However, in the second paragraph, the author notes "Furry isn’t a fetish, but a group of people who assume anthropomorphic personas, create anthropomorphic art and stories, make and wear costumes and go to furry conventions."

Further into the article are an explanation of the word "yiff", mentions of the websites fursuitsex.com and pureyiff.com, and the position of the Burned Furs movement.

Various local furs are interviewed and given the chance to correct the misconceptions about the fandom. They describe aspects such as totem animals, the accepting nature of furries, and the prevalence of anthropomorphic animals in Western society.

Anonymouse, Iron Raptor, Glaide, Benjamin (founder of furry.ca), Verec, and Gryphan Rose are quoted in the article, which has a note that "As requested by the participants, all names used are fictional, or furry persona names."

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