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WhiteFire (or Peter Torkelson) is a Unix systems administrator and software developer who has had an interest in furry since the age of sixteen when he first found a copy of the Xanadu comics. Since that time, he has become more involved in fandom in both his real life and on the Internet.

He primarily associates as a dragon, snow leopard, fox, or sometimes a raccoon. His personal character is also named WhiteFire and is a fox-dragon hybrid.

Fandom involvement[edit]

WhiteFire is the head wizard and owner of Tapestries MUCK. He has two widely known characters on Tapestries: WhiteFire and his administration character WhiteWizard.

WhiteFire founded the Furry Peace movement in 1998 and continues to support the movement's ideals.

He was on the original board of directors of Anthropomorphic Arts and Education (parent company of Further Confusion) and retired after more than ten years service.

He operates both fur.com and the now defunct got fox?.

Formerly a GM for the Second Life furry/fantasy role-play sim Lismore as the character Glasere.

Artwork and writing[edit]

WhiteFire is an artist who posts his art on Fur Affinity and in the past on Furrynet and the VCL.

He is also a novice writer whose stories can be found at Yiffstar and Fur Affinity.

WhiteFire the character[edit]

WhiteFire's original incarnation was on FurryMUCK in the form of a white-scaled dragon of some 60 feet in length. At the time he was unable to alter his appearance, often showing up in parts of the Muck 'in head only' to talk to people in outdoor cafes and the like.

Over time he had the desire to take a form more compatible with the smaller creatures he had come to associate with, so with the help of one Elias-Lan he learned the basics of shapeshifting. The lessons however were never completed, and he still has a limited selection of forms he can take, rather than being able to take any shape he wishes at will. Most are copied from other people, such as his original, a Fox'taur form copied from Shaterri, or one he has spent a great deal of time modifying in a dream state.

As of this time he is most commonly seen on Tapestries MUCK in his self-named "fagon" form, which is a cross of fox and dragon. The pun is intentional. He in fact hardly changes out of the form any more, and it can be argued that it may have become his 'true' form at this point.

The fagon form is an anthro-fox with the basic build of a red fox, however snow white except for ears, 'gloves' and 'socks.' It also has two small horns just above the forehead, and relatively large dragon-like wings.

Did you know?[edit]

WhiteFire's name was derived from an early MUCK character who was a white-scaled dragon which could only communicate telepathically through images and ideas. When describing himself he used the picture-terms "white fire" (for his breath weapon), and the name stuck. The character was meant as a roleplay character, but eventually became so associated with him that it became his name in Fandom as well.

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