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For the article on the artist in Georgia with a similar name, see White~wolf.
White Wolf's fursona, drawn by herself.

Diana Kellogg (also known as White Wolf; born November 28, 1981)[1] is an artist, fursuit-maker, and fursuiter who lives in Arkansas, United States.[2]

Diana has been involved in the furry fandom and The Lion King fandom since 1996.[1] Her fursona is a white Newfoundland Wolf (Canis lupus beothucus).[3]


Diana runs White Wolf Creations, where she takes commissions for artwork and fursuits.

White Wolf Creations is a fursuit and furry art studio situated in Arkansas, United States, and run by White Wolf.

White Wolf Creations accepts commissions of artwork and fursuits. Artwork commissions may be general sketches, conbadges, or images painted onto articles of clothing. Fursuit commissions may range from individual pieces like ears and tails, to partial or full costumes.

White Wolf Creations has a printing service for pre-existing art.


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