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The whatis program is common on socially-oriented MUCKs. It shows a list of a player's characteristics from a set of stored flags, such as "dragon", "lofty", or "bright". The name is usually shortened down to "wi". The command was originally created on FurryMUCK by Cinnibar (internally called "DIRECTORYFLAGS" but popularly known as whatis or wi). This original version allowed 'wizards' of the various flags. An in-joke of one flag 'clued-in' exists that only those who are granted wizard-status of the flag are the true 'clued-in', all others who only set the flag have fallen for the joke.

wixxx (whatis-xxx or whatisz-xxx) is the sexually-oriented version of whatis. The wixxx program on FurryMUCK was originally by Cinnibar but was replaced when the player who controlled it refused to remove a flag during the MUCK's official response to groups of parental complaints referencing the US Communications Decency Act. The original program and database can still be found inside the gazebo in the east corner of Furry Park. A clone of DIRECTORYFLAGS was created by Ruffin which header is given below:

-- WhatIsz 1.33 : Ruffin@FurToonia  Mar 26 1997 ------------------------------
WhatIsz lets you set a list of flags on yourself that others can look at
for quick reference.  You can use all the standard flags and also add 20
custom letters - limited to keep from spamming everyone.

The current version history of DIRECTORYFLAGS version of whatis:

DIRECTORYFLAGS v1.95  Cinnibar 1999.2
-12/27/93: Beta testing of whatis V1.0 - V1.4
 12/27/93: V1.5: Added #all to show all online player attribs
 12/27/93: V1.5: Added version changes list to #vers command
  9/ 1/94: V1.6: Added #default to show default attribute list
 11/ 5/96: V1.7: Improved #cleanup to handle forcechar-only database entries
 11/ 5/96: V1.8: Added second extension character, and new flag error checking
  8/21/98: V1.9: Added statistics with #stat & #showstat, custom string added
  2/ 3/99: V1.95: Added virgin setup routine; cleanup of wizards