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What the Fluff (WTF) is a furry dance event held twice a year in the South of the United Kingdom. It is organised by Taelion and Weremoco and has featured DJs such as Angry Angel, Phozon, Spirit Raptor, Pooch and Krath Silvercloud [1].


What the Fluff began when Taelion and Weremoco noticed that the Confuzzled dance floor consisted almost entirely to furs local to them from the Hantsfurs region. After Frantic Eufuria disbanded, they worked to bring a new furry dance event to the South of the UK. The event runs bi-annually and is usually held in Southampton.


The Strand, Southampton[edit]

  • What the Fluff 1 - 1st November 2014 [2].
  • What the Fluff 2: The return of Fluff!? - 7th February 2015
  • What the Fluff 3: Fluff Harder!? - 17th October 2015
  • What the Fluff 4: On Stranger Fluff!? - 27th February 2016

Eastleigh Football Club, Southampton[edit]

  • What the Fluff 5: The Spy who fluffed me...- 24th September 2016

Just Fur the Weekend, The Holiday Inn Bristol, Filton[edit]

  • WTF: The League of Extrodinary Fluff - 15th April 2017

The Talking Heads, Southampton[edit]

  • What the Fluff 6: The Half Blood Fluff - 2nd September 2017


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