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What The Fur 2011 was the second incarnation of What The Fur, held June 3-5 at the Espresso Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The theme was "Zombie Apocalypse: Night of the Furry Dead".[1]

As of the closing ceremonies, the attendance at the convention was 221. The number of fursuiters that participated in the parade was 32, however, there were approximately 10 additional suiters at the convention that did not participate.[2]

The Charity was again the St.Lawrence Valley Natural History Ecomuseum. The convention raised CA$2223 (~US$2271) for the charity through auctions and donations.

Throughout the convention, all attendees and dealers were given the option of playing a weekend-long game of Furries vs. Zombies. The goal was to either survive the weekend with your brain intact, or if a zombie, to convert as many people as you could. By a show of hands at the closing ceremonies, the zombies clearly won.

Guests of Honor[edit]

Kalika Tybera and Demicoeur

2011 Committee[edit]


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