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What The Fur
Status Ended
First iteration June 4-6, 2010
Final iteration July 28-30, 2017
Organizer(s) Productions Anthropomorphique
Charity Saint Lawrence Valley Natural History Ecomuseum
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: What The Fur resources
What The Fur (edit)
What The Fur 2010
What The Fur 2011
What The Fur 2012
What The Fur 2013
What The Fur 2014
What The Fur 2015
What The Fur 2016
What The Fur 2017

What The Fur staff
What The Fur guests of honour

What The Fur (WTF?) was a convention that was held between 2010 and 2017 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


WTF? Was started as a response to the lacking of a major furry convention in either Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec, following the demise of both C-ACE and Anthrofest. The local Montreal communities of both MonFur and Francofur felt that the time was right to plan and hold a convention in the city of Montreal.

The name for the convention, What The Fur, was conceived over dinner when the core staff were trying to find a name that did not contain the words Anthro, Furry, or Fur. As is obvious, that effort failed as one of the exclaimed in frustration "What The Fur?!"

At the MonFur Xmas party in December 2008 it was officially announced that the convention was a go, and that Montreal would once again have a full fledged Furry Convention.


What The Fur 2010 took place on June 4-6, 2010 at the Espresso Hotel (Formerly the Days Hotel), attracting 232 attendees. The guests of honour were Max Blackrabbit and gNAW, and the convention held the theme of "Pirates vs. Ninjas".

What The Fur 2011 happened from June 3 to 5, 2011, returning to the Espresso Hotel. The Guests of Honour were Kalika Tybera and Demicoeur. The theme was "Zombie Apocalypse: Night of the Furry Dead"

What The Fur 2012 was held on the first weekend of June (1st to 3rd), and returned to the Hotel Espresso once again. The Guest of Honour was Karine "Kanthara" Charlebois, and the theme was "Creatures of the Night".

What The Fur 2013 was held over May 17-19, 2013, at the Delta Centre-Ville in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Guest of Honour was HollyAnn, and the theme was "Fairy Tales".

What The Fur 2014 was held over May 23-25, 2014, at the Sheraton Montreal Airport in Dorval, Quebec, Canada. The Guest of Honour was Ookami Kemono, and the theme was "Steampunk".

What The Fur 2015 was held over May 22-24, 2015, at the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada. The Guest of Honour was Cat-Monk Shiro, and the theme was "Time Travellin' Furries".

What The Fur 2016 was held over May 20-22, 2016, at the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada. The Guest of Honour was Shinigamigirl, and the theme was "00Fur".

What The Fur 2017 was held over July 28-30, 2017, at the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada. The Guest of Honour was ECMajor, and the theme was "What Thine Fur: Getting Medieval".


What The Fur did its best to work closely with other conventions and organisations, having formed close ties with Furnal Equinox, Condition, and FurFright, as well as several local conventions in the Montreal area. One goal of this was to foster resource sharing between conventions.


What The Fur held an annual charity auction. All funds raised via the auction and donations were given to the EcoMuseum Zoo.

Funds Raised:

  • 2010: $738.60
  • 2011: $2223.00
  • 2012: $4150.93
  • 2013: $2185.75
  • 2014: $3103.33
  • 2015: $3000.00
  • 2016: $2194.73

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