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Whamadoodle (concerning Furry fandom) is the biological furspeech term used to describe the phallus, the external sexual reproductive organ (with or without a scrotum) used for sexual or urination purposes, found on some of furry artist Doug Winger illustrated "female" characters, and on other artists' characters that have been wingerized, or possess a dougenesque figure. It is not widely used outside this context. The term originated as Winger's miswriting of the non-furry 'wang(a)doodle', used in reference to his work.

Other variations exist. FurryMUCK denizens use whamdoodle, as shown here:

[public] Triggur says, "as long as you have a whamdoodle, you're a he." [public] Triggur says, "do you have a whamdoodle?"

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