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Werewulf Starlight is a German furry artist, fursuiter, fursuit-builder and plushie-builder. His presently resides is Bremen. He is proud to be 100% gay and lives with his partner Jaga Titus Kuro Fuxfell. He also occasionally goes by the name Werewulfgay.


Werewulf Starlight's fursona is a werewolf. He is able to shift between a normal wolf and a werewolf.


Werewulf Starlight's mainly x-rated art can be found on art sites such as deviantART and VCL - also Yiffstar soon. He works with traditional pencils, but he also tries some other media. His newest artworks are cartoons and painted bags.

Furdom activity[edit]

Werewulf Starlight is the co-organizer of the three Bremen Furmeets that first took place in 2004: Bremer Freimarkt, Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt and Bremer Osterwiese. He builds fursuits, plushies and other furry stuff for sale. He is the owner and co-administrator of Furry Forum.

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