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The Werewolf Calendar was an annual collaborative limited-run project with its first release in 2008, and its last release in 2016. Its original purpose was to create a werewolf calendar that would resemble wildlife calendars sold featuring animal photographs, showing the werewolf as both intelligent and animalistic, instead of too monstrous or too human-like.

Over the years the calendar has expanded to include a larger variety of artistic styles, but still holds to the same vision of the werewolf.

Managers and artists[edit]

Creators and managers[edit]

  • 2008 and 2009: Myenia and Zakka (creators)
  • 2010: Balaa, Myenia, and Zakka
  • 2011 and 2012: Balaa and Myenia


Other activities[edit]

Other materials[edit]

The Werewolf Calendar began printing bookmarks in 2009 to advertise for the 2010 calendar. Three bookmarks were created and passed out for free at several conventions that contracted artists were traveling to. The bookmarks featured art by Balaa, Myenia, and Zowolf.

For the 2011 calendar, an additional bookmark was created by Novawuff, and two bumperstickers by Rayndancer and Wolfnymph.


In 2010, the project managers announced a contest, with the first prize to feature the winning art as the last page of the 2011 calendar. The winner has yet to be announced.

Artist selection[edit]

Thirteen artists are re-selected each year, with an average of two-four of them replaced each year by someone new. Artist are invited to apply to the project on the website's contact page.


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