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Werecamp is a 18+ winter camping event sponsored by MNFurs and held at the Whitewater State Park Group Center in Altura, Minnesota, USA. The lead organizer is Cybergarou, while Cyndear and Flip[1] work in con suite and Jaemin (Snowjay) runs a werewolf LARP game.[2][3]

The first instance, Werecamp 2018, was held January 26-29, 2018.[4] There was room for up to 130 attendees, with 20 additional day passes on Saturday and Sunday, 8AM-10PM.[5][6] In practice there were 28 (or possibly 29[7]) attendees, over half of whom paid over $100.[8]

Werecamp 2019 was held March 8-10, 2019.[9] The artist Foxfeather was meant to attend as a guest; due to a car accident, a silent auction of prints of her art was held instead.[10] SnowSongWolf ran a one-night game of Dungeons & Dragons (a modified version of Ravenloft module Curse of Strahd).[11]

The camp has Wi-Fi at the visitors' center, but cell phone coverage is potentially spotty.[12]


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