Were I Wolf

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Were I Wolf
Growing up can be so confusing
Doubly so if you're a werewolf
Author(s) Andrew Pidcock

Were I Wolf is a webcomic by Andrew Pidcock about a young man's search for identity, a search complicated by the fact that he is a werewolf.

The comic is presented in black & white and is updated only sporadically. There are adult themes, near-nudity, and violence, and some gore.

It introduces a new mythology about the werewolf, and explores feelings of isolation and self-discovery through the young werewolf's journey to discovering his place in the world. The main character, Loopy, is a complete innocent, a hybrid between a husky sled-dog and a werewolf. The story is told first-person through the thoughts and observations of the main character, who speaks about our human world as he discovers and struggles to understand it in his simplistic way. Various other creatures, such as vampires, ghosts and sirens make appearances in the strip. The story chronicles the werewolf's travels and relationships, as he and his friends become embroiled in a local conflict between monsters and mortals in his city.

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  1. Sirens Introduces the young werewolf working in the K-9 corps of the police force, meeting and battling a siren who is covertly controlling a young gang of crooks. Unfortunately, in the battle the werewolf becomes injured and is revealed for what he is to his mortal partner.
  2. Black and White Unable to remain a friend and partner of a mortal policeman, Loopy seeks the company of his own kind, and is taken in by a band of vampires who teach him about being a monster in the modern world.
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