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Wendy Wylde, nee Wendy April Vixxen, is a supporting character in Chris Yost's tale Sabrina Online: The Story. She was Chris Foxx's love interest in college, and is something of an antagonist in his relationship with Sabrina. Wendy is bisexual, and while she isn't what one would call predatory, she has an eye for both Chris and Sabrina.

Wendy gets a mention in the second chapter of Tabitha, a time-travel story by Chris Yost and James Bruner, and shows up in later chapters to console the elderly Mr. Foxx.

Wendy is the main character in Clint McInnes' story Gone Wylde, a non-canonical tale wherein she has married and later divorced one Arthur Wylde, thus her altered surname. Her adventures in that scenario, set in 2016-2017, are of a very different nature from anything she went through in her halcyon days. Life has many surprises in story for the lovely vixen.