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Welcome, Fur! is a website created to allow travelling furries to search for other furries who would be willing to give them lodging, and also to allow those other furries to advertise their willingness to take in visitors.[1]

The website was conceived by Spanish developer Salmy, who is better known as creator of a Fur Affinity-to-Inkbunny transfer script and administrator of Furry Madrid.[2] The alpha version of the site went online on September 17, 2010.[3]


Reactions to the concept of Welcome, Fur! were mixed, with some furries stating they would have no issues with using the service, and others expressing doubts about housing someone just because they were another furry.[2] Concerns were also raised by the amount of personal information collected by the site.

The site has seen little activity; as of December, 2011, there are only 60 registered users.[4]


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