Weird Warriors

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The Weird Warriors is a series of stories primarily by Oren Otter with additional contributions by Don Snyder, Todd Whitehead, Lee Vary, Jeremy Mone, Felice Folmer and several other minor contributors. Weird Warriors has appeared in both written and comic formats, and is currently being adapted into a radio drama by the Riverside Players.

The Basic Idea[edit]

The Weird Warriors were first created by Oren Otter in the 1980s as a sort of a cross between X-Men and Misfits of Science. In the opening story, a mutant by the name of Bradley Whitaker, while attempting to hide from a vicious street gang, locates a hyperspace tunnel which whisks him to a distant planet. There, he meets a band of humanoid dogs who teach him the way of the warrior. During his time with the Canis people, Bradley formulates a plan to elevate mutants in the eyes of the public by training them to act as superheroes. Upon his return, he convinces his brother Robbert, also a mutant, to help him enact his plan.

The Furry element[edit]

While the majority of the Weird warriors are obviously human, a number of them are just as obviously not. Among them:

Lion Tamer - His humanity stolen by a transmutative alien disease, this doctor of genetics and cybernetics found a way to utilize the virus to change into 12 different animal forms. However, his original form is lost forever.

Vala - The last of a mysterious race of bird-people.

Wierwolf - Also known as "The Godslayer", Pierre Natsu turned a curse into an advantage, and now uses his werewolf powers in his quest to destroy all false gods.

Destructia - Created by a race of alien talking animals known as the limifites, Dara Peliugh was a limifite deer who was imbued with DNA from a human mutant. The fusion caused her to become electrokinetic, but also anthropomorphic.

Aardvark - A victim of the same virus which transformed Lion Tamer, Aardvark acquired the characteristics of several insectivores, including a long, strong tongue, a powerful tail and wicked claws.

Pony - A mutant Xequephian, the same species as Zuni from Tommy and PJ, Pony has been altered by military scientists to be super-fast and extremely durable. The process also seems to have wiped out Pony's memory, as well as leaving Pony sexless.

Toon Alpha - A cartoon beaver created by the energy being known as Circuiter, Toon Alpha has a wide array of toon powers.

Cooper - An innocent albatross who got caught in the crossfire in a battle between two very powerful individuals, Cooper suddenly found himself possessing human intelligence and the ability to transform others into various species.

Foxx - A canis who was artificially created by the evil Paradox, Foxx is an anthropomorphic foxx with the power to cloud people's minds, making them either not notice that she is anything out of the ordinary, or not notice her at all.

Sudin - a mutant dragon from a distant planet, Sudin was born anthropomorphic.

Piranah - a mutant from Mexico, Carlos Pescados was born with gills, webbed hands and enormous teeth.

Dragonizer - A robotic alien with the power to transform into a dragon, She can also transform humans into dragons or vice versa.

Snowbunny - A human mutant from the far north, Snowbunny is covered with fur which acts as a cloaking device, rendering her nearly invisible.

Orca - Close friend of Snowbunny, Orca is a human with the characteristics of a killer whale.