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Weasel Press is a furry-inclusive beat publisher in Houston, Texas, USA.


In 2012, Weasel Press started as a literary magazine called Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones. After a growing amount of interest and requests, Weasel expanded the magazine into a full publishing house, releasing its first book in February 2014. The book was called Ribbon and Leviathan by Manna Plourde and was the first furry release of the publishing house. In late 2015, Weasel Press expanded further by opening the erotic imprint, Red Ferret Press.

Publisher focus[edit]

Weasel Press has worked in poetry, horror, science fiction, literary fiction, erotica, and some light fantasy. The focus of this publishing house is Beat Literature, which they define as, "the grunge that’s plastered on the concrete. It’s an exploration of people. It analyzes the lovesick, the poor, the insane, etc. It’s real. It’s suffering, and it takes that suffering and makes it art. Beat is rebellious. Beat is where you get torn apart, but it doesn’t get you down. It toughens your bones." They operate on the mentality that Beat is the portrayal of what is real for the author, or the portrayal of the author's experience.

Civilized Beasts[edit]

Civilized Beasts is a charity poetry anthology that started in 2015. The anthology featured poetry on the topic of animals. All proceeds of this anthology go to the Wildlife Conservation.

Typewriter Emergencies[edit]

Typewriter Emergencies started out as a furry anthology with the theme of suffering, and was released in 2015. In 2017, Weasel Press decided to turn the anthology into a biannual literary magazine.

Red Ferret Press[edit]

Red Ferret Press is the erotic imprint of Weasel Press. It's focus is to move away from the fantasy of erotica and publish more realistic experiences. It has released seven titles since its creation, two of which are furry related.


  • Ribbon and Leviathan by Manna Plourde, published February 20, 2014 (then credited as Tybalt Maxwell)[1]
  • Reach for the Sky by Vixyy Fox
  • Improbable...Never Impossible by Vixyy Fox
  • Typewriter Emergencies edited by Weasel
  • Fragments of Life's Heart edited by Laura "Munchkin" Govednik and Stefano "Mando" Zocchi
  • Civilized Beasts edited by Laura "Munchkin" Govednik

Red Ferret publications[edit]

  • Knotted: A BDSM Anthology edited by Weasel (Red Ferret Press)
  • The Goat: Building the Perfect Victim by Bill "Greyflank" Kieffer (Red Ferret Press)


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