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Weasel Boy
Weasel Boy is the protagonist of the comic book Supermegatopia. A weasel (as his name cleverly suggests), he has no super-powers, but rather, training and gadgets.

His father is Ferret Man, the city's premiere antihero. Because of this, he was raised in the lap of luxury, is the inheritor to the monolithic Vayne Enterprises, and grew up with only the vaguest idea of who his father was, as his father was constantly away from home fighting crime. He was raised by his mother, Gretchin Vayne, and his wife's lover, Janyce.

He has had two 'official' sidekicks, and three 'unofficial' sidekicks:

  • Mongoose Guy, Ferret Man's former sidekick, who acted as a parental figure and well-trained battle partner before his change to Mongoose Lass;*Mighty Yak, a fighter whose power is inversely proportional to his strength, a full-time sidekick;
  • Delilah, an amazon rabbit completely in love with Weasel Boy. Unfortunately, he does not return her affections, mostly because when she shows her affections, he tends to need a back brace.
  • Greasy Monkey, a monkey, grandaughter to the original Greasy Monkey (who was Ferret Man's assistant), and Gretchin's adopted daughter. She also has a thing for Weasel Boy, and being his adopted sister doesn't slow her.
  • Tiger Lass, granddaughter of Tiger Stripe (Ferret Man's greatest enemy), is the off-again, on-again ally of Weasel Boy. She is with Weasel Boy mostly because she sees him as a way to get into Mighty Yak's pants, which is unfortuante for him, because Weasel Boy wouldn't mind getting into her pants.

His weapons have included a Weasel Laser, Weasel Rocket Boots, a Weasel Scooter, and a Weaselmobile.

His greatest foe is Dark Iguana, while other common thorns in his side include Dr. Ghoti and Avatar. There are also an indeterminate number of Weasel Boy clones, and when Weasel Boy (temporarially) died, a number of other Weasel Boys from other timelines (including Dark Weasel, Mecha Weasel Boy, and Weasel Girl) stepped in to help.

In the RPG[edit]

In the non-canon Supermegatopia RPG, Weasel Boy's powers are described as an armored costume, super speed, and super-leaping.

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