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Mongrels, formerly known under the working title of We Are Mongrels, is a British television comedy puppet series which was first broadcast on June 22, 2010, on BBC Three.[1] with a making-of documentary entitled "Mongrels Uncovered" broadcast on 11 August 2010. It has been marketed as "Avenue Q meets Family Guy".

The show is aimed at an adult audience, it features "neutering, incontinence, cannibalism and catnip overdoses" and humour styles such as slapstick and farce.

The second series of Mongrels aired on BBC Three in autumn 2011. In 2012, it was decided that the show would not be renewed for a third series due to low viewer counts.


The series revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals who hang around the back of a pub on the Isle of Dogs, London.


The main characters in Mongrels (left to right): Destiny, Nelson, Kali (top), Marion (bottom) and Vince.

The main characters of Mongrels are:[2]

  • Nelson (Vulpus metrosexualus, voiced by Rufus Jones) is an "urbane fox" who is considered the hero of the show. Described as "Rosa Parks with National Trust membership", he is a metrosexual fox, with subscriptions to all of the major broadsheet newspapers (except The Sunday Times) and has a range of lifestyle choices more akin to a human than a fox. He is in love with Destiny.
  • Destiny (Canis self-absorbedbitchicus, voiced by Lucy Montgomery) is an Afghan hound who stops at nothing to get what she wants. She is owned by Gary, whom she cannot stand because he "always wears that s***ting tracksuit." While Nelson loves her, Destiny does not love him.
  • Marion (Felis retardicus, voiced by Dan Tetsell) is a cat of unknown age, ethnicity and origin. He has been abandoned by several owners, with many of them trying to kill him. His best friend is Nelson, who acts as a kind of father-figure. Marion is, however, very stupid and corruptible.
  • Kali (Aves aggravaticus, voiced by Katy Brand) is a pigeon who enjoys inflicting misfortune on anyone she likes. She bears several grudges, which include a hatred of all humans and all foxes because of the way they treat birds. Her catchphrase is "Brap!"
  • Vince (Vulpus c***itcus, voiced by Paul Kaye) is an urban fox who is a sociopath and the complete opposite of Nelson. He is a violent and foul-mouthed killer, whose catchphrase is "Morning c***s!" Despite calling the other characters "c***s", he does not like being called one and as a result will promptly attack/kill anyone.


'Plush inner works

The original unbroadcast pilot starred Rufus Jones playing the role of Fred the Fox, Lucy Montgomery as Harry the Hound, and Katy Brand as Polly the Pigeon. It also starred Ruth Bratt and Paul Kaye.[3]

The series is created and directed by Adam Miller and Stephen McCrum, and written by Jon Brown and Daniel Peak. Stephen McCrum will be producer and executive producer. We Are Mongrels was commissioned by Danny Cohen, head of BBC Three, and Lucy Lumsden, former controller of comedy commissioning. The programme was screened in the spring of 2010.

The puppets have been created by Talk to the Hand (UK).

Awards and nominations[edit]

Mongrels won the Royal Television Society Craft and Design Award 2009-2010 for "Production Design - Entertainment and Non-Drama" led by production designer Simon Rogers. It was also nominated for the award for "Tape and Film Editing - Entertainment and Situation Comedy" led by film editor Nigel Williams, but lost to Pete versus Life.

In 2011, Brown won the BAFTA Craft Award for "Break-through Talent". The series was also nominated for the Ursa Major Award for "Best Anthrompomorphic Dramatic Short Work or Series".

In 2013, Mongrels puppeteers Warrick Brownlow-Pike (Marion the cat), Andy Heath (Nelson the fox), and Iestyn Evans (Kali the pigeon) were guests of honor at Eurofurence 19 (2013).[4] Warrick Brownlow-Pike and Andy Heath have been announced as guests of honor for Further Confusion 2015.[5]


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