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Wartorious Bunny. Art by Tygerwolfe Designs.

Wartorious[1] (real name David Beck), is a male artist, author, developer, and social media manager who lives in the Southeast of the United Kingdom.


David spends a lot of his time on various projects including making videos for YouTube, artwork, writing books and marketing copy. David has previously worked for Microsoft as a social media technical manager, as well as a satellite communications company called iSat LTD. David is also passionate about the Python programming language, and uses it to build apps.

David loves animals, nature, technology, philosophy, and science. He has a medium size dog called Jet, along with multiple cats and other animals. David enjoys planting trees and feeding the birds.


David Graduated from London South Bank University with a 2:1 in Game Cultures. In 2008 David was nominated for an Golden Joystick Awards with his game Bogus Bunny.[citation needed] The game involved solving puzzles to move through the difficult and psychedelic game world.


David's fursona, Wartorious, is an anthropomorphic white rabbit with blue fur highlights. that is often used as an avatar in David's YouTube videos


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