Wandering Trials

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'Wandering Trials'
Wandering Trials logo.jpg
Author(s) Adam Fullerton and Gaby Fullerton
Update schedule Webcomic active. Print comic sporadic.
Launch date 2002 (original webcomic) * 2005 (print) * 2011 (new webcomic)
End Date 2004 (original webcomic)
Genre action/fantasy

Wandering Trials is a webcomic-turned-print comic that was created by and is written and drawn by Adam Fullerton. For the print version the story was rewritten with assistance from Gaby Fullerton. Some of the inking in issue #2 was done by Steve Addlesee.

After several stalled attempts to make the print version an ongoing series, Adam stated:

Wandering Trials
... okay, y'know what, I'm just gonna put this in the first person. It's my comic. And, since I'm writing this up, I'm gonna do it my way. ;P

So, after trying to keep my motivation up for the print version, I found I simply couldn't keep up with is and my regular full time job. Just wasn't working. I'd get home at the end of the day from work and just couldn't muster up the creative energy to work more. But, it's a story that, deep down, I REALLY want to tell. So, I decided to try a different approach.

In early 2011, I made the decision to go BACK to the webcomic scene using my own domain: WanderingTrials.com

This new website displays the print version of the comic, but only 2 chapters worth. Once the 3rd chapter begins, the first chapter will be removed from the archives, and so on and so on. The only way to read the earlier chapters once they're removed will be to buy them online or at conventions if you're lucky enough to catch me at one. ;

Wandering Trials


The synopsis of the story revolves around Karen Dunbar and her, as yet not-fully-explained ties to an anthropomorphic pegasus who goes by the name of Eric. His awakening and her connection to his becomes key to the reemergence of magic in the modern world. It has always existed, but now the floodgates are open, and the safeguards that had been put in place centuries before are crumbling.


The cast of Wandering Trials is primarily human, though there will be plenty of anthros, weres, shapeshifters and others as time goes on.

  • Karen Dunbar - The story's main protagonist. She's not quite sure what's going on, but seems willing enough to go along with it all, or at least, unwilling enough to let it all happen without her.
  • Eric (whom Karen affectionately calls "Pegs", despite Eric's repeated protests): The story's other main protagonist. His history is vague at best, even in the original webcomic. Some 700+ years ago, he was witness to something so terrible that a price was put on his head. Instead of an assassin, though, a powerful mage was sent after him. His sentence was the curse that has left him the way he is today. The details are sketchy, beyond that, though. Was, at one time, known by some as "The Equestial".
  • R. Maguire: The main antagonist. The man who cursed Eric. There is a deeper history between the two. It's not a pretty history. Not much else is known, though.
  • Brian Hilla: A young werewolf with a troubled past (aren't they all?).
  • Doug Mack
  • William "Gramps" Packard
  • Lydia Carleton: A close friend of Karen's. They went to college and graduated together. Was very close with her up until the accident at the lab while researching the "Equestial" statue. Her memories are somewhat blurred for a time following that.

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