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Ash (also known as The Wandering Eccentric; born 21st October 1983) is a furry artist who lives in South England. His fursona is a dalmatian, either a small friendly dalmatian or an anthropomorphic Dalmatian. His current home site can be found at WanderingEccentric.co.uk

Ash has attended several furry meets and conventions, including the LondonFurs meets, RBW and Anthrocon. He has also travelled to various parts of England and the U.S.A. to meet up with other furry friends, and is planning further travels around the world.

In real life, he wears an brown hat, long coat, waistcoat, pocketwatch and duel dog tags. He has often been mistakenly assumed to be Steampunk.

The Ash Dance[edit]

The Ash Dance being performed, by ash

In the summer of 2007, a group of friends went to Thorpe Park, a theme park in Surrey, South England. The group of friends browsed the park, going on various rides until they came across a seemingly normal Carousel. Some decided to go on the ride, including Ash. Whist waiting for the next ride, the group stood around listening to the jolly music coming from the ride until Ash began dancing. He was recorded outside the ride, performing the dance, which was given the title of "Ash Dance".

Others who have performed the dance are Miles TigerFox, Shema (as "Tosca") and Mustan.


Falgrove is a fictional thick forest that is cut off from other ecosystems by an assortment of natural and un-natural barriers. It shows signs of past settlement with wooden gangplanks and posts, and an abandoned village, however it is currently not setteled. Two characters, Okashi and Sky, are known to live in Falgrove.

Falgrove Marsh has a long forgotton Castle in it's heart that has connections with Falgrove as well as some other fiction projects Ash works on.

There is currently a website based on Falgrove, which includes detailed infomation about the animals and plants unique to the forest, including Puppyleeches. It can be found at Falgrove.com

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