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Wallaroo Blacke, also known as Christopher D Smith (born 1967), is a furry artist.


Wallaroo Blacke is the creator of the furry comic A Roo'd Awakening, which tends to be themed around the lives of six furs: Marigold, Hugh, Zachary, Lovey, Paris, and himself and features crossovers and cameos from other comics.

Other than his Wallaroo self, he's created other characters as well. Lovey, a lovely white kangaroo femme with pink curly hair, is from a distant star-system. Together, they have a young adopted joey-son named Paris, who was rescued from an interstellar shipwreck.

There is also Marigold, the gold-blonde mousess, who was once a human, but was transformed due to a morph gun shooting involving a kitsune trying to turn a satellite dish into a cable-ready satellite dish.

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