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This article is about the person. A wag or wave is a common tail action among furries.

Wag, also known as Wag! and wagtehdog (born 1982),[1] is a furry artist who lives in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Wag has attended several conventions, starting with Megaplex in 2004. He began participating in convention talent shows in 2005, performing stand-up comedy and occasionally helping to write or appear in other skits. In 2010, he received 1st place at FWA's talent show and 3rd place in the FurFright Masquerade for his stand-up routine.

He has previously volunteered at several cons, including FurFright (Assistant Director of Con Ops), Anthrocon (Artists' Alley / Con Store cashier), FWA (Main Ballroom Staff - FWA 2010), MFF (Assistant Director of Info Desk), and FAU (Director of On-Site Registration - FAU2). His head was shaved at FurFright 2011 as a result of the convention exceeding the previous year's charity donation total.

Wag was a moderator for the art gallery Weasyl until November 2014.

His fursona is "a stupid dog".[3]


Wag departure from his Weasyl staff position coincided with the leaking of staff logs via an unnamed moderator's account.[4][5] He later announced that his Weasyl account would be inactive "due to the poor handling of a situation on this site by administration".[6]

In December 16, 2014, Wag confirmed via Twitter that he was removed due to those leaked logs, but claimed he was not responsible for it. He included information in his Twitter statement[7] that maintains Weasyl had found a security issue that may have resulted in his account being compromised, despite claiming otherwise officially.[8]


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