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Vulpon Leo's Fursona drawn by Vulpon Leo himself.

Vulpon Leo (previously called Crimson Beast; born May 5th, 1982) is a furry artist who lives in Hull, United Kingdom.

Crimson Beast, was a lion character. Around April, 2007, this fursona evolved to a fiox (fox-lion hybrid) named Vulpon Leo.[1]

Along with his housemate, Riff-Raff, Vulpon Leo is one of the Hull Furs.


Vulpon Leo first started as Foxman, a basic fox character before developing into a character which was a mixture of a Lion, a fox and a bull which was the first version of Crimson Beast. This went through many changes until it started to morph back into a more fox like fursona as he believed previous designs had lost touch with the more furry elements of the character. After this he began work on a lion character named Rictor as his fursona but abandoned this version as it did not fit with how he wanted his fursona to be perceived.

As of June 2007 Vulpon Leo's fursona is a fiox (fox-lion hybrid). He has predominantly fox features with the most noticeable lion elements being his tail which is very lion-esque and a thicker set muzzle. The lion elements are to show the development from the previous fursonas that worked well with the original fox design he began with.

Crimson Beast is now used as an alternative fursona to show what the artist considers his more negative side, while Vulpon Leo represents a more realistic portrayal of the artists positive nature. The two characters are sometimes depicted by Vulpon Leo clashing in his artwork.


One of Vulpon Leo's main interests is video games, he has a particular fondness for the Castlevania series of games of which he is an avid collector of. His favourite of the series being Castlevania:Symphony Of The Night on the Sega Saturn and his favorate character Richter Belmont.

Vulpon Leo is a fan of cartoons and animation, having himself studied animation for two years at university.


Vulpon Leo started drawing at a very early age and began practising his artwork by copying characters from video games and their instruction manuals. He continued this through primary school until he began proper art classes in secondary school where he began to learn shape and form as well as the basics of figure drawing and other techniques such as tonal work and basic colour work.

After completing secondary school Vulpon Leo moved onto Hull College of Art and Design where he took part in five years of studies mainy concentrating on anatomy and art techniques from different art periods such as Egg Tempora from the Reneissence and more traditional mediums such as oil paints, soft pastels and charcoal. A lot of his time was spent concentrating on anatomy classes, often skipping classes to study anatomy books.

Vulpon Leo then attended University Of Lincoln where he studies two years of animation, but never completed the course due to what he thought was the low quality of the course.

Furry Art[edit]

Foxb's Fursona in Halo Armour painted by Vulpon Leo in oils on canvas.

He is an active furry artist and practises by drawing friend's fursonas, often accepting pints as way of payment at furmeets. He began drawing furry art around 1998 on entering college starting with his own fox character.

His primary medium is ink and tria markers although is also known to work with oil paints on canvas also.


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