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Vulpive, a portmanteau of "vulpine" and "archive", is an online content management software package designed for hosting and organizing webcomics, originally developed for the comic strip Devia.

It is written and maintained by Pi Factorial.


  • Comics can be uploaded for particular dates in advance, and will appear at midnight.
  • A calendar and dropdown menu for navigation.
  • A separate "calendar view" where comics can be browsed by thumbnail.
  • Titles and artist commentary for individual comics.
  • Organization of plot arcs into chapters.
  • Support for comics that consist of more than one image.
  • A "shout-out" box for posting important news.
  • Three different layout modes for the main page, including one that emulates Comic Genesis.
  • Easily skinnable by anyone with basic HTML or CSS experience.
  • Automatic RSS feed.
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • Simple, password-protected administration interface:
    • Straightforward uploading interface.
    • Administrative calendar view with thumbnails.
    • Comics can be retitled, moved, hidden, and deleted.
    • Several features can be enabled, disabled, and customized directly from the interface.
    • Tooltips to explain features.

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