Vulpines (IRC)

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#vulpines is a channel on the FurNet IRC chat network.


This is a spinoff channel of #foxie. #vulpines is an attempt to recreate the original flavor and keep some features of #foxie, while changing others.


  • Erotica is acceptable if asked to take it elsewhere you must cease publicly.
    • No BDSM in channel
    • No heavy fetishes
  • Banning may only occur for a few reasons and they must be back up.
    • In channel behavior is disruptive or against the channel mission.
    • Preventative banning of an active spam troll or similar joining multiple channels. Must be temporary up to 24 hours.
    • Someone submits for review with evidence of behavior or a person who is known to be disruptive widely throughout the community.
    • The channel founder may ban for other reasons including conflict of interest.

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