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Vulpecula (born June 16, 1981), is an American furry also known by the nicknames Mr. Fox or Vulp. Raised in western Ohio, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Wikipedia:University of Toledo, where he studies astrophysics.

In his spare time, he is the primary administrator and one of the original founders of the FurIRC network, along with his longtime friend, Klisoura. As a computer programmer, he is largely responsible for creating the background infrastructure of the room, including a multi-functional mIRC bot designed to handle basic administrative tasks.

In the context of the Foxtail Tavern, an environment of his creation, Vulpecula serves as the owner of the bar that serves as the primary meeting place to the patrons of the virtual establishment.

A typical vulpine in appearance, his name reflects a lifelong love of astronomy: Vulpecula (Lat.: "little fox") is a constellation in the northern hemisphere.

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