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Vuk is a Hungarian novel by István Fekete about the life of a young fox. It was first published in 1965, and in 1981 was adapted into an animated film also titled Vuk.

Plot summary[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Vuk and his brothers and sisters are born near the pond one spring. Their father Kag and their mother Iny have to hunt continuously to get enough food to feed them. Eventually the smooth skin Ranger finds the fox's home and sends in dogs to destroy their den and protect the local farms; Kag and Iny only manage to save one of their children: Vuk, who is left by the pond out of danger.

It is not long before the frightened Vuk is found by Karak, his uncle, who takes him to his cave in the cliffs to teach him the ways of the forest. Vuk learns quickly and soon becomes one of the greatest foxes in the wood.

Vuk learns that the smooth-skin Ranger is responsible for the murder of his parents and he plans to take revenge on him, upon visiting the Ranger's house he finds his sister held there in a cage. Karak and Vuk help her escape and she joins them and all the other Free Nations in the woods.

At harvest time the foxes are almost caught when they are betrayed by the birds; the foxes escape, however Karak is shot, leaving Vuk and his sister to return to Karak's cave alone.

Winter comes and they both feel the need to look for partners. Vuk's sister quickly finds a partner and leaves the den. Vuk must fight off another fox to win a beautiful vixen bride called Csele, and the cycle of love and life begins again.

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